Founded in 1988, National Refrigeration Products (NRP) is recognized as a leader in the refrigerant recovery/recycling products and accessories market. NRP has successfully positioned its products and services to meet the needs of its customers in the ever-changing refrigeration industry. The strength of NRP is its progressive and innovative attitude as a manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of recovery and recycling equipment.

Always innovative, NRP has received several patents on recovery equipment, with patents pending on other models. In addition to manufacturing recovery and recycling equipment, the company also markets a full line of private label tools, electrical parts, hardware, coil cleaners, tapes, and a complete line of charging hoses and accessories.

The company's line is designed to meet a wide range of applications from small appliances and residential air conditioning to large commercial facilities and chillers. To learn more about our products and their applications, visit our products' pages, our fill out our form to contact us directly.

National Refrigeration Products